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Bluffs of Nancy Creek Homeowners Referral

  • Dear Neighbors,

    Many Bluffs neighbors have asked the HOA to compile a list of recommended tradespeople that others have had a good experience using.  Please use the form to let us know of your suggestions.  

    A few rules to follow:

    1.  Only recommend people with whom you have a personal experience. If your sister has a great referral but you have no first hand experience, please do not refer them.  You must have hired them yourself. 

    2. Your experience with this firm or person whould be within the past two years.

    3. With each review, we will list either your email, phone number or both, in case a neighbor has questions or would like to follow up with you personally. Please be sure to indicate how you wish to be contacted to avoid any issues. It is important to be able to ask questions regarding a referral, so if you do not want to be contacted, please do not recommend anyone.

    4.  This is a private list for Bluffs homeowners only.  Please do not distribute outisde of the neighborhood. Your neighbiors do not want to be called by someone they do not know who saw the list after you emailed it to everyone you know. 

    DISCLAIMER:  We are sure you know this, but to be clear:  
    This referral program contains the personal views of your neighbors based on their unique experiences. Your experience may be different if for no other reason than every job is different. So, a worker who did a great job for your neighbor may not be as successful for you. Use these reviews as a starting point to select a referral, but use good judgement and due dilligence to thoroughly investigate each company or person. You are the final judge on whether someone is right for your job. Do not rely solely on this referral and do not blame your neighbors if someone does not meet your expectations. Of course, we want to know of any issues so we can note it on this referral site, so feedback is crucial.  You can leave feedback on a referral you used at the bottom of this form.

    Feel free to submit new additions as you have them. Please do not email me submissions – they will only be accepted using this form to better organize the program. if you have more than four referrals, simply clear and resubmit this form again. Thanks for participating!

    Davd Midler
    Your fellow Bluffs Neighbor


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